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Hi this is Wilson Reyes
I have been teaching, speaking, preaching for over 16 years to anyone that would hear me.

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About Wilson

I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My family migrated to the Bronx, New York in 1968. This was a time of great turmoil in the Caribbean. My family moved from New York to Miami. I always joke that I went from the Bronx to a tropical Bronx living in Miami.

Later, my family moved to Orlando, Florida and I grew up in a small town north of Orlando named Apopka, Florida.

I joined the United States Army in 1987 and proudly served in the Persian Gulf War. So I am a a war veteran. In fact, it was there during guard duty in a sand foxhole that I decided to go back to college and fulfill my life-long dream of becoming a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher since I was eight years old. In third grade, I had two teachers named Mrs. White (who was black) and another teacher named Mrs. Black (who was white). Bring me to your event so I could tell you the whole story!

After the war, I returned to the United States and moved to Indiana and went to Indiana University and received my undergraduate degrees in Education. I degreed in Speech Communication, Spanish, Language Arts, and English as a Second Language. I am also working on my Masters Degree in Effective Teaching Leadership with an emphasis in English as a New Language at Butler University in Indianapolis.

I have been teaching, speaking, and preaching for over 16 years to anyone that would hear me. Just kidding, I love affecting people’s lives because I believe that my story or stories can motivate others to believe in themselves and become more than they ever believed that they can do.

I am currently teaching English as a New Language and speak around the United States and international events. Remember? Anywhere where people will hear me speak.

I live in Indianapolis with my beautiful wife Stephanie and our smart and daughter, Sterling and our sweet and wonderful son, Lincoln.

Wilson Wins National Teacher Award!

In 2011, I was named and awarded the Oscar of Teaching Award called the Milken Educators Award. The look of surprise on my face is something that I still am not used to even while watching the video. What a great and humble honor this was for me and my family. My favorite part is that my students are there with me.